Living in Dallas: Everything You Need to Know

Do you wish to learn about living in Dallas, Texas before moving there? Perhaps you are relocating to Dallas, Texas, with your family and want to know what this city is like? Look no further.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Dallas, Texas, in 2022.

By the end, you’ll learn about the cost of living, job growth, amenities, housing, transit, and schools in Dallas. So stick till the end to learn more.

Everything You Need to Know About Living in Dallas, Texas in 2022

Dallas is a city located in Texas in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area with a 1,338,846 population.

However, do not confuse Dallas with the Dallas Fort Worth area.

They are basically two cities conjoined by 30 miles of suburbs and the Trinity Railway Express light rail system.

Technically, they form one city, but they are both different. Dallas is more known for its modern architecture and business hub.

Dallas Fort Worth area is popular for its historical identity. However, no one talks about Dallas without mentioning the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Dallas gives a mixed urban-suburban feel and is home to diverse cultures and ethnicities.

The residents tend to lean towards being liberal, and the community is quite friendly.

It is also the best place for young professionals, business, and tech-savvy people.

Over the past few years, this city has been going through many changes.

Like all other major cities in the US, the housing, public transportation, fuel, and electricity costs are skyrocketing in Dallas.

But the good part is that the job market is also seeing a rising curve. Before relocating, here are the things you should know about living in Dallas:

Cost Of Living in Dallas

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The cost of living is climbing all over the US, and Dallas isn’t immune to this escalation.

There is an 11% increase in food items, 8% in housing, 21% in transportation, and 28% in electricity costs.

But on a hopeful note, if you are moving from an expensive place in the US, you may find some relief in Dallas.

For instance, NYC is 84.3%, Boston is 59.6%, Denver is 26.7%, and Miami is 12.8% more expensive than Dallas.

Moreover, Texas has a zero state income tax which will help you save some cash.

The median household income in Dallas, especially in the Downtown Dallas area, is $89,023 higher than the national average of $64,994.

Another high-income area is Uptown, with a median household income of $99,828.

Dallas Job Market

Dallas County is an excellent place to live for young professionals as it offers endless job opportunities. This Texas city continues to grow leaps and bounds in terms of job growth.

In fact, Dallas is observing a 7.8% growth in non-farm-related jobs in 2022, the highest of any other metropolitan city in the US.

The majority of job growth is in the professional and business services category meaning corporate jobs.

It’s not surprising that many corporate headquarters are shifting their bases. This transfer has only increased in 2022.

You may be familiar with AT&T, Southwest Airlines, ExxonMobil, Kronos, Fossil, etc. All of these companies have their corporate headquarters located in Dallas.

In addition, the healthcare system, including Texas Health Resources, Inc and Baylor Healthcare, also make up a large part of the employment sector.

The economy is stumbling, and companies are searching for cities where it’s easier to do business. Dallas is pretty affordable to set up a business than other metropolitan cities.

Forbes magazine also ranks this city as the “Tenth Best Place for Businesses.”

Primarily, that’s why major companies are moving to Dallas from Illinois, NYC, and California.

A recent announcement states Caterpillar Inc, a leading construction and mining equipment manufacturer, is deciding to move from Illinois to Irving, a neighborhood of Dallas.

Things To Do while living in Dallas

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From outdoor recreation to cultural activities, there’s a good deal to do in Dallas that you may not know about.

The Dallas neighborhoods don’t give you a confined feeling. In fact, most of them are close by, offering tons of amenities.

Dallas is home to one of the most extensive Arts Districts in the US, providing plenty of entertainment opportunities.

An Opera House, Dallas Museum of Art, Pro-Science Museum, and Dallas World Aquarium offer fun in Downtown Dallas.

You’ll also get a good deal of hiking options, especially in South Dallas and North of Plano and Richardson.

The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical garden, located in central Dallas, comprises parks and estates spread over 66 acres.

It is bustling with a large crowd all year round and features breathtaking displays of flowers and plants.

The lush, sweeping lawns, infinity pool, flowing fountains, and sculptures make it small heaven cloistered in Dallas. More than 700 private events and weddings take place here every year.

If you are a fan of professional sports teams, Dallas Cowboys takes the cake by being a top-notch professional football team. They have a huge fan following in all US.

What makes them more valuable is that they generated a record $ $620 million in revenue in 2014, the highest for any sports team in the US.

White Rock Lake is another place for outdoor activities situated on the northeast Dallas side.

It is a 1,015-acre lake city with parks, nine miles of hiking and biking trails, picnic spots, and event spaces. Rich with history, this place also offers tons of housing options.

Recently, new development is taking place that plans to connect Dallas with the Dallas Fort Worth area through a biking trail.

Tons Of Housing Options

The housing costs have only increased around 8% in the past years, but Dallas is still affordable compared to housing in other major cities.

There are also plenty of housing options, from condos to apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes in this Texas city.

The Downtown Dallas area has a high concentration of new, modern high-rise apartments and condos.

Outside of Downtown, you’ll find older single-family homes with huge yards dating back to the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

But there are also newer townhomes in these older neighborhoods. From high-end to affordable, you can find all kinds of housing here.

Some communities have a high walkable score, such as Lower Greenville and Uptown.

Especially in Uptown, you’ll find older houses torn down and replaced by newer, more upscale three-story townhomes.

Some houses have rooftop decks where you can hang out, do outdoor activities, or enjoy a barbecue night with family or friends.

Around 59% of Dallas residents live in rented houses, while 41% are homeowners. The median home value in Dallas is $208,700.

But there are also high-end neighborhoods. The median home value there can rise in the 800s to more than $1 million, such as Bluffview and Preston Hollow. But so does the median household income.

Public Transportation

The Dallas Area, Rapid Transit System, is the fastest-growing transit system in the US, consisting of light rail, commuter rail, and bus services.

It facilitates the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area, key job centers in Dallas, and the DFW airport.

The fare is also relatively cheap for public transportation. But if you opt for Uber rides, they are pretty affordable to go around as well.

It may cost around $8 to go from one neighborhood to the other.

Besides, all neighborhoods are concentrated in the center of Dallas, so it’s pretty easy to visit each.

At the end of the day, you may not need a car to live in this city, but if you possess one, it will be more convenient.

On the plus side, regardless of where you live in Dallas, there are plenty of places to park vehicles, and many times, the parking is absolutely free.


Public schools may not concern you if you don’t have kids. But if you are relocating with your family, education makes a huge part of living in Dallas.

The school districts directly influence real estate, and housing tends to be more in demand. If you are buying a home here, you must purchase it in a school district for a good resale value.

However, the more excellent the school district will be, the more higher-priced homes you’ll find there. But the price factor is usually stable.

There are also lots of expensive neighborhoods in Northwest Dallas with mediocre public schools. The residents there prefer to enroll their children in private schools.

There are also top-rated schools in the University Park and Highland Park areas. But the housing there leans towards a higher price.

But the Dallas Independent School District has the most awesome ISD schools education-wise.

It is the second-largest district in Texas, serving the Dallas residents. It consists of 230 ISD schools, with 21% excelling above average in preparing students for college.

The schools in this district cover all niches such as science and technology and performing arts. Some schools even have the topmost ranking in the entire US.

It depends on you to buy a house in a good school district to provide your kids with a quality education or for a good resale value.

For higher education, Southern Methodist University is a famous private university in Dallas distinguished because of its global research.

It ranks #68 in the Best National Universities in the US in 2022.

Another Dallas Baptist University, a Christ-centred institute offering liberal arts, excels in its graduate, undergraduate, and doctorate programs.

It ranks #1 in the Top 5 Online Business Schools in Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions about Living in Dallas, Texas

What are the costs of living in Dallas, Texas?

The cost of living in Dallas, Texas is quite affordable. In fact, it is one of the most affordable big cities in the United States. The median home price in Dallas is just over $200,000, and the median rent for a two-bedroom apartment is just over $1,000.

What is the job market like in Dallas, Texas?

The job market in Dallas, Texas is quite strong. The unemployment rate in Dallas is just 4.5%, which is much lower than the national average. Additionally, the average salary in Dallas is quite high, at over $50,000 per year.

What are the schools like in Dallas, Texas?

The schools in Dallas, Texas are quite good. In fact, many of the school districts in Dallas rank among the best in the state. Additionally, there are a number of private and charter schools that offer excellent education options for families.

What is the crime rate like in Dallas, Texas?

The crime rate in Dallas, Texas is quite low. In fact, Dallas ranks as one of the safest big cities in the United States. The violent crime rate in Dallas is just 3.4 per 100,000 people, and the property crime rate is just 9.3 per 100,000 people.

What is the weather like in Dallas, Texas?

The weather in Dallas, Texas is quite mild. The average high temperature in Dallas is just under 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average low temperature is just over 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, Dallas experiences very little snowfall each year.

Why is Dallas a famous city?

Dallas is home to every kind of lifestyle. People from every wake of life find it an excellent place to live, co-mingle, work and enjoy the nightlife and outdoor activities. Dallas is a highly walkable city with excellent access to amenities nearby.

From various natural, cultural, and arts attractions, this great city has its own distinct vibes. The median income value is higher than the national average, and the housing is more affordable than in other major cities.

Is Dallas a safe city?

Dallas is a relatively safe city. However, you would want to be extra vigilant while visiting some places on the west, east and south sides. You may face homeless encampments and aggressive panhandling there.

Is Dallas a good place for raising families?

Dallas is diverse and has plenty to offer for all ages and interests. Whether you have an interest in culture, arts, nature, sports, history, or cuisine, you’ll get all of them in great concentration.

In recent years the development of more parks and fun places means you can take your family for an outdoor picnic or just to have fun on the weekend.

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