You Won’t Regret Moving to Dallas if You Know These Things Beforehand

Are you planning to relocate to Dallas, Texas? Perhaps you are a young professional looking for fresh career opportunities or a person looking to raise a family.  Well, you would never regret moving to Dallas if you have the right information before making the move.

Dallas is a modern city in Texas and the region’s commercial hub. It also has plenty to offer both work and housing-wise. However, you may not have any idea about some things in Dallas, and they may come as a surprise for you.

Things you may not know about Dallas, Texas

Some things are debatable depending on what you are looking for.


There is no consistent weather in Dallas, Texas. It can change any time of the day. In summers, the temperature in Dallas can go up into the 100-degree range and will remain that way for a long time.

In winters, it’s frigid, but the cold is not consistent. For instance, a snowstorm in Texas was one and a half years ago. Basically, the whole state froze up, and the water pipes burst with the temperature falling to zero degrees.

So, you’ll experience all kinds of weather here, from frigid to hot and rainy to humid. You may have to adjust according to the temperature if you are planning to move to Dallas.

Traffic & Construction

Dallas city is constantly expanding and reinventing itself. There’s always new construction going on with freeways, roads, and buildings.

Dallas is growing at an alarming rate, so the traffic and infrastructure lack a bit in a way that is necessary to keep up with an expanding city.

You may also have to face traffic congestion issues. But remember to live near your workplace. Don’t relocate to far suburbs like Mckinney if your job is in Downtown Dallas.

Likewise, if you are working in Frisco or Plano, don’t move to Downtown Dallas. Otherwise, you may have to spend a lot of time on the road or face daily commute issues.

The soil is also expansive in Dallas. Due to the constant change in soil conditions, the roads keep breaking, and potholes keep forming.

Lots of houses here also appear to have foundation problems. But it’s nothing to be alarmed about because the authorities take care of the maintenance often.

Cost of Living

Like all other metropolitan cities, the cost of living in Dallas is also rising. Compared to many cities in the US, Dallas is a lot more in demand. Many corporate companies are shifting their bases, and there are a lot of job opportunities here.

The cost of living in Dallas is 3% less than the national average but 7% higher than living in other cities in Texas state.

The amenities are also close by. This is the primary reason why the median home prices are increasing. The property taxes in Dallas are pretty high. In DFW, the tariffs range from 2% to 3%.

So, if you have a budget for a $500,000 house, your annual tax will be $11,000 to 12,000. But one thing to keep in mind is that Texas does not have any state income tax. So, in the end, it will save you a lot of money.

In other places, such as California or Sant, you must pay income and property tax. The income tax in there might be nine to eleven percent. So, if you make a couple of thousand dollars a year, the combined taxes are quite significant.


Dallas is a sports city, but you won’t find many sports opportunities in the town. For instance, if you live in Dallas and want to watch the Dallas Cowboy game, you must go to Arlington. It is 25 miles away from Downtown Dallas.

Texas Rangers are also in Arlington, and FC Dallas is in Frisco. So, there’s no easy way to find a football and baseball game close by.

You would also have to plan to drive to these places. However, if you like hockey and basketball, you’ll find the Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, and the Hockey team in Downtown.

Public Transportation

Dallas has one of the most extensive light rail systems in the country. Though, not many people may use it. If you commute from Carrolton or Plano to Downtown Dallas or South Dallas to Downtown, the light rail may not be helpful for you.

However, if you are not commuting to and from these places, it can help you avoid traffic congestion. It also eliminates the need to find a parking place.

There was a recent realignment of bus systems, and lots of services were cut down in Dallas because no one was using them. The bottom line is that you would need to possess a car here.

But in actuality, Dallas is a car-friendly city. You’ll find 90% of parking spaces that have no fee. Lots of condos and apartments have free street parking, and plenty of housing has big garages.

Snobby City

If you are looking forward to southern hospitality in Dallas, it may surprise you that Dallas is an exception. This city has a reputation for being a snobby place in Texas.

The community here thrives on showing off, be it their dressing sense or wealth. People here are ambitious to the core. They consistently work hard and try to move up the ladder.

In no way is Dallas a laid-back place and not as friendly as you may be hoping. So, you would have to struggle a bit to find a place here if you are a newcomer. The first two-three years can be tricky.

But once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it’s an excellent place to work and live with your family. However, if you find a house in the suburbs, the atmosphere is more laid back, and the community is more friendly.

No Outdoor Activities

There are not a lot of outdoor recreation opportunities in the city of Dallas if you are an outdoorsy person. Like other metropolitan cities, the terrain is flat, with just a bunch of trees dotting here and there.

There are no mountains but tall skyscrapers and buildings covering most of the area. However, there are some fun things to do in the Dallas suburbs, like hiking in the famous Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano.

If you are a nature lover, you’ll definitely love the Cedar Ridge Preserve in South Dallas. It’s a 600-acre scenic mountain preserve teeming with wildlife, hiking, and biking trails.

An extensive hiking and biking trail network connect Dallas and DFW. It is still developing but will be available soon for running and biking.

Another place called White Rock Lake in Dallas consists of a lake and a nine-mile trail running around it.

Usually, on weekends there’s quite a rush in this place. The Katy Trail is also located in Uptown. It was an old train track that had been converted into a trail. The trail has restaurants lining up on both sides.

If you like boating, there is a Lake Ray Hubbard and Lake Grapevine offer that activity. You can also enjoy skiing, wakeboarding, and partying there.


If you are a foodie, Dallas is the perfect place for you. It has plenty of excellent restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and fine dining options. They are not the typical chain restaurants but eateries offering cuisines and specialties from around the globe.

Going outside to drink and eat is the most common activity here. Especially on weekends, people like to socialize and spend money eating out in Dallas.

Not A Walkable City

Dallas may or may not be a walkable city, depending on what kinds of amenities you are looking for. Some parts of the town are highly walkable, like Downtown, Uptown, Lower Greenville, Knox Henderson, and Oakland. You don’t have to use a car to walk to or within these places.

All the neighborhoods are close by or connected to each other. You can easily walk to access amenities such as bars, restaurants, and grocery stores in close range.

But if you live outside the center of Dallas, there is a more suburban environment. The houses are far apart, and you won’t find many amenities nearby. So, in that case, you may have to use a car.

Frequently Asked Questions: Never regret moving to Dallas

Is relocating to Dallas worth it?

Dallas may not have many natural features, but it is clean, well-maintained, and one of the favorite Texas cities. The median household income is also much higher than the national average. Dallas is home to several Fortune 500 companies, has a low unemployment rate, tons of amenities, and plenty of job opportunities for young professionals. Attractions like Dallas Arts District and Dallas Cowboys make the place worth your time even if you are shifting from San Antonio, San Francisco, or other cities on the East Coast. Restaurant scene is also promising here. So, its definitely worth it.

Which is the best place to live? Dallas or DFW?

DFW tends to be more easy-going with less traffic congestion. Dallas has a more urban lifestyle and doesn’t give the exact “Texas vibe” that DFW does. That being said, DFW airport is game-changer here for some people. Renting a storage unit in Dallas area is also hassle-free if you cannot afford a house here.

Is Dallas’s weather better than Houston’s?

Houston has oppressive summer heat, whereas Dallas’s weather is mild in comparison.

What are the best suburbs to live in Dallas?

South Lake, University Park, Highland Park area, Frisco, Coppell, Bishop Arts District, and Flower Mound are the best places to live in Dallas, TX.

Does Dallas have high housing costs?

Housing is the main reason Dallas’s cost of living is high. It is not as affordable as in other cities in Texas. But the median home value is still 18% less than the national average. This city offers many housing and rental options, but some people may not find their price a deal-breaker. This is why many people prefer to live in rented apartments.

Is Dallas a safe place to live?

Safety is relative to which area of Dallas you are moving to. However, this city is a far safer place to relocate. Especially its suburbs are safer than many other metropolitan cities in the US.

How are the schools in Dallas?

Dallas has one of the best ISD schools in the School Districts, serving all communities. So, if you are moving with your family, you can be sure that your kids will have the best education in the US. In fact, the real estate demand highly depends on the school districts. The greater the schools, the higher the cost of property near them.

How’s the traffic in Dallas?

Dallas has some of the best roads and highways in the US but still suffers from traffic congestion problems. But that is a given with every metropolitan city. No matter how good the roads are, the largest metropolitan cities tend to suffer from traffic issues.

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