Exploring Little Forest Hills Dallas: Homes for Sale and Community Delights

Homes For Sale In Little Forest Hills Dallas

Overview of Little Forest Hills Neighborhood

Little Forest Hills is a delightful neighborhood located in East Dallas, known for its unique character and strong community spirit. Nestled around the picturesque White Rock Lake, residents enjoy stunning views and outdoor recreational activities. The neighborhood is known for its diverse architectural styles, including Tudor cottages, mid-century modern homes, and contemporary designs. The charm of the area is further enhanced by the splashes of color on many of the houses, reflecting the creativity of the local residents. Primarily residential, Little Forest Hills, with its tree-lined streets and abundant green spaces, emanates a tranquil and serene atmosphere.

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For example, the community organizes an annual “Art Walk” event, where residents open their homes and gardens to display local artwork. This event showcases the strong sense of community and the artistic flair that defines Little Forest Hills. The close-knit community, where neighbors often gather for social events and support local businesses, adds to the area’s appeal.

Current Real Estate Market in Little Forest Hills

The real estate market in Little Forest Hills has witnessed steady growth in recent years. The increasing demand for homes in the neighborhood has resulted in a competitive market with a relatively low inventory of available properties. The average days on market for homes in Little Forest Hills tend to be lower compared to the overall Dallas market, indicating high demand and quick sales.

For instance, a recently sold property in the area was only on the market for seven days before it was purchased. Home prices in Little Forest Hills have consistently increased, with a significant appreciation in property values over the past few years. The neighborhood’s prime location, unique charm, and strong community appeal contribute to its desirability among homebuyers.

Types of Homes in Little Forest Hills

Little Forest Hills offers a diverse range of homes for sale, catering to different preferences and lifestyles. The neighborhood features a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and some condominiums, providing options for various housing needs. Architectural styles in Little Forest Hills vary greatly, with Tudor, Craftsman, ranch-style, and contemporary designs all present.

Take for example a beautifully restored 1940s Tudor cottage that recently came on the market, which perfectly embodies the neighborhood’s blend of history and charm. Many homes in the neighborhood boast unique features such as large windows, original hardwood floors, and spacious yards with mature trees. The vibrant and colorful houses reflect the neighborhood’s artistic and creative spirit, adding to its charm.

Average Home Prices in Little Forest Hills

The average home prices in Little Forest Hills range significantly, varying based on factors such as size, condition, and location of the property. Despite the higher prices compared to surrounding areas, Little Forest Hills offers excellent value for homeowners due to its unique character, strong community, and desirable location.

As an example, a recently sold three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in the neighborhood was listed for $425,000, above the median home price for Dallas but reflecting the area’s desirability.

Amenities and Attractions in Little Forest Hills

Residents of Little Forest Hills enjoy easy access to the scenic White Rock Lake, where they can partake in activities such as boating, fishing, and hiking. The neighborhood is home to the Bath House Cultural Center, a historic venue that hosts art exhibitions, performances, and community events.

For example, the Bath House recently hosted a local theater group’s production, providing a cultural experience right in the heart of the neighborhood. The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is just a short drive away, offering stunning gardens, seasonal exhibits, and educational programs. The nearby Casa Linda Plaza provides residents with a variety of shopping and dining options, including local boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. Conveniently located near major highways, commuting to downtown Dallas and other parts of the city is a breeze.


Little Forest Hills in Dallas, Texas, offers a unique blend of charm, community, and natural beauty that sets it apart from other neighborhoods in the area. Its diverse housing options, strong real estate market, and proximity to amenities and attractions make Little Forest Hills an ideal place for those seeking a vibrant and welcoming community to call home.

In essence, Little Forest Hills is not just a neighborhood; it’s a lifestyle. It offers a sense of community and uniqueness that is hard to find in a city as large as Dallas, making it a true hidden gem in the Dallas real estate market.


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